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News Archive 1999
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December 4, 1999
30 000 visitors from many countries - since September 7, 1998
New development shots - Falcon 4.0
November 14, 1999
Two new Air Base section: Flanker 2.0 & Falcon 4.0
November 5, 1999
MLK Air Base is now hosted on
Jane's USAF - MiG29 CZ ver.2
MS FS98: L13 Blanik is in the final phase of development
L29 Delfin - new development shots
October 7, 1999
Jane's USAF Demo - flyable planes in the Czech color schemes.
MS CFS: color schemes for Hawker Hurricane Mk.I  312.Czechoslovak squadron
September 6, 1999
MS FS98: download new aircraft: MiG23 and MiG29 in the Czech color schemes. 
New screenshots from the development - L13 Blanik
CIAF99: Pictures from CIAF'99 - Czech International Air Fest
F18 Korea: New screenshot from the development -Europe II - four seasons
June 27, 1999
 20 000 visitors since September 7, 1998! Thanks for your interest!
 If you want to see where my visitors come from, click here
June 20, 1999
 "Blue angels" for F/A18 Korea - now also for  GTT Camo Commander.
 Aircraft and landscape textures you can find also on this site: Q-Bik Design
June 11, 1999
 Screenshots from the development for MS Flight Simulator 98:
 Glider L13 Blanik, ID4 Attacker
June 9, 1999
 "Blue angels" color scheme for F/A18 Korea 
 Color schemes for F/A18 Korea in the VFA-266 Devils and VFA-113 Stingers style
April 17, 1999
And now something extraordinary - for sci-fi fans especially. 
If you want to fly in your F18 and feel like an astronaut, you have a chance...
March 9, 1999
Flying with Hornet above snowy landscape ( new textures for terrain, tree and clouds )
February 19, 1999
Which online landscape texture would you like to see improved for the offline Korea theatre? Vote! 
This update is a little late. One of the reasons is here ...
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