Zlin Z-142C AF
Czech Air Force
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For MS Flight Simulator 2002 - model version 2.1 ( December 2001 )
Table of contents: Ceska verze
About real plane
Technical data
About FS model
Tips for flying
Tips for 2D panel
Tips for 3D cockpit
About authors
About real plane:
Zlin Z-142 is Czechoslovak sports and training plane. It's intended for basic and for advanced training, for aerobatics training, for IFR and night flying and also for glider's towage. The first prototype flew in 1978.
Version Z142C AF is a special variant for Czech Air Force

Zlin Z-142 is all metal , two seat, single engine, low-wing monoplane, with side by side seats. It's powered by engine M337 AK  with power 154 kW ( 210k ). The propeller is metal, two blade, with hydraulics adjustment.

Main technical data:
Wing Area:
Engine power ( M337 AK ):
Max. Take-off Weight:
Weight Empty:
Max. Horizontal Speed:
Cruising Speed:
Climb rate:
9,16 m
7,33 m
2,75 m
13,15 m2
2x60l + 2x50l
730 kg
231 km/h
197 km/h
4,2 m/s
5000 m


About FS model:
Zlin Z-142 for MS Flight Simulator features animated moving parts: ailerons, elevator, rudder and flaps.
2D panel has a background based on real photo. Gauges are mixed from new created gauges and from default MS FS planes.

This version is designed for FS2002. It has several improvements, in comparsion with previous version 2.0 ( FS2000 ):
- dynamic virtual 3D cockpit ( working gauges )
- new propeller ( 32 bit texture )
- new lights in FS2002 style
- new smoke effects

This version was completed in FS Design Studio and contains cca  3500 polygons.

Tips for flying in Flight Simulator: 
Z142 flight model is based on default Cessna from FS98. You can also perform an aerobatics with it.
In different flight modes is necessary to use the elevator trim, maybe moore, than you expect.
Would you like to modify the flight dynamics?
You can modify flight model using 2 utilities. They are for free: 

FDE .... Flight Dynamics Editor by ABACUS
AirEd ...Flight Dynamics Editor by W.M.Roth

Tips for 2D panel:
2D panel includes:

Shift+1 ... Main panel
Shift+2 ... GPS

Recomended ZOOM for 2D panel view: 
For more real view through 2D panel I recomend you to set your view  ZOOM to 0.5, then you will have wider field of view.
You can do it in menu Views > View Options ...
or by keys: 1x BACKSPACE and 1x -
Would you like to modify the 2D panel ?
If you want to use different gauges in the 2D panel, you can do it quite easy. There exist nice program CfgEdit , where you can simply edit 2D panels. This program si for free.
You will find it here: www.cfgedit.com


Main panel
Simplified 2D is now included in FS2002 as default.
Enable it by "W" key.
Tips for 3D virtual cockpit:
If you want to switch to the virtual cockpit, use key S, and Shift+S to get back again. In the 3D cockpit you can pan around, and zoom your view  with keys + / - / BACKSPACE
+ Zoom view 2x
- Zoom view 0.5x
Shift + Zoom view incrementaly
Shift - Contract view incrementaly
If you have view controls on your joystick, use it for panning view around. If you haven't it, I recomend you to redefine your view control to the simple arrow keys:
up, down, right , left.
For quick view right / left / sideways use keys:
1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9,  or their combination with key 5
7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3

In FS2002 is one news  - you can move your eyepoint, similarly like you move your head forward / back, right / left, up / down:
SHIFT+Enter Move eyepoint up
SHIFT+Backspace Move eyepoint down
CTRL+Enter Move eyepoint back
CTRL+Backspace Move eyepoint forward
SHIFT+CTRL+Enter Move eyepoint right
SHIFT+CTRL+Enter Move eyepoint left


In 3D cockpit you can display basic gauges by
About authors:
CVA DesignMilan Lisner - 3D model and cockpit,  textures, flight dynamics, 2D panel design
E-mail: mlk@volny.cz
WWW: www.mlk-airbase.wz.cz
This package may be freely copied and distributed under the following conditions:
  • Selling or putting this package or part of it on CD-Rom is not allowed without the written permission of the author.
  • Redistributing this archive with any files added, removed or modified is prohibited. 
  • Redistribution with modified textures ( repaints ) is not allowed without the written permission of the author.
  • Using files from this archive in another aircraft is not allowed without the written permission of the author.
Contact: Milan Lisner
E-mail: mlk@volny.cz
  • Book Czechoslovak aircraft II., author Vaclav Nemecek, 1984
  • Modelar Magazine , No.11, 1981
CVA Design
( Czech Virtual Aviation )
CVA DesignCVA Design is a group of people from the Czech Republic who make Czech/Slovak airplanes, panels and sceneries for Flight Simulator.We try to make our works as real as posible. In the futurewe want to make most of the significant airplanes which were flying or fly in Czech/Slovak Republic and also make more detailed scenery.

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