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Ceska verzeFor MS Flight Simulator 98/2000/2002 - model version 1.0 ( December 2001 )
L29 is a Czechoslovak two-seat jet trainer. FS model is created in AF99, so it's FS98 compatible ( has only 1200 polygons ). Archive includes cfg and *.air files for FS2000/2002 with updated flight dynamics and new smoke / light effects. By Milan Lisner ... 1.464 MB
Table of contents: Ceska verzeCeska verze
About real plane
Technical data
About FS model
Tips for flying
Tips for 2D panel
Tips for 3D cockpit
About authors
About real plane:
Aero L29 Delfin is a Czechoslovak two-seat jet trainer. It's used for basic as well as for advanced pilot trainig. 
The development began in 1955 and the first prototype flew in 1961. In Summer 1961 Delfin won the competition for a basic jet trainer against the TS-11 Iskra from Poland and the Soviet Jak-30.
Then Delfin became the standard basic jet trainer in the former Warsaw Pact.
3,665 planes, have been produced during years 1962 - 1974 and many of them are still flying all over the world.
The biggest customer was the former Soviet Union. L29 is used also by Russian astronauts for flight training.

Technical description:
L29 is all metal middle-wing monoplane with tandem seats. It's powered by engine M-701 with thrust 8,72kN. Pilots are sitting on ejection seats.

Main technical data:
Wingspan: 10,29 m
Lengt: 10,81 m
Height: 3,129 m
Wing Area: 19,8 m2
Engine thrust: 8,73kN
Empty aircraft Weight: 2 364kg
Normal. Take-off Weight: 3 324kg
Max. Take-off Weight 3 568kg
Fuel tanks capacity: 1030 l + 2x 150 l
Max.Speed at 0m flight level: 610km/h
Max.Speed at 5000m flight level: 622km/h
Max. Allowed Speed: 820km/h
Rotate speed ( during start ): 130-140 km/h
Take-off speed 170-180 km/h
Landing speed: 140-150 km/h
Ceiling: 10 900m
Range: 680km
Take off run ( concrete ): 600m
Landing distance ( concrete ): 550m
G-Limits +8, -4g


About FS model:
Aero L29 Delfin for MS Flight Simulator features animated moving parts: ailerons, elevator, rudder, flaps, air brakes and gears.

This version is designed for FS98 and is tested also in FS2000/2002.
Flight Simulator 98 has some limitations, therefore this version hasn't many details. But it has also one advantage - fluent graphic
( especially if you haven't powerful PC )

In the future I plan to create special version for FS2000/2002:

Plans for next version ( FS2000 only ):

  • more detailed 3D virtual cockpit with pilot
  • undercarriage wells
  • nozzle, jet intakes
  • high resolution textures

    Note for FS2000/2002
    I included in this archive some special files ( aircraft.cfg and *.air ) for FS2000 and for FS2002. These files are for flight dynamics tuning.
    Especially for FS2002 it will also add some special effects - smoke and lights.

    Tips for flying in Flight Simulator: 
    Would you like to modify the flight dynamics?
    You can modify flight model using 2 utilities. They are for free: 

    FDE .... Flight Dynamics Editor by ABACUS
    AirEd ...Flight Dynamics Editor by W.M.Roth

    Tips for 2D panel:
    Panel in this version includes gauges largely from various Russian aircraft, so it represents "east" version.
    Main gauges are metric ( km/h, m )

    2D panel includes:

    Shift+1 ... Main panel - top view
    Shift+2 ... Panel with throttle, flaps and air brakes
    Shift+3 ... Radio panel
    Shift+4 ... Auxiliary panel for 3D cockpit *

    * Because in the 3D cockpit gauges don't work  ( its a texture only ), I prepared for you an auxiliary 2D panel. You can activate it with key Shift+4 , you can see then 2 main gauges in the lower corners of your view. Shift+4 again will switch them off. 
    You can also turn on auxiliary text information by Shift+Z

    Recomended ZOOM for 2D panel view: 
    For more real view through 2D panel I recomend you to set your view  ZOOM to 0.5, then you will have wider field of view.
    You can do it in menu Views > View Options ...
    or by keys: 1x BACKSPACE and 1x -
    Would you like to modify the 2D panel ?
    If you want to use different gauges in the 2D panel, you can do it quite easy. There exist nice program CfgEdit , where you can simply edit 2D panels. This program si for free.
    You will find it here:


    Main panel
    Main panel + Throtle and Radio  control
    Auxiliary panel for 3D cockpit
    Tips for 3D virtual cockpit:
    If you want to switch to the virtual cockpit, use key S, and Shift+S to get back again. In the 3D cockpit you can pan around, and zoom your view  with keys + / - / BACKSPACE
    BACKSPACE Resets ZOOM to 1
    + Zoom view 2x
    - Zoom view 0.5x
    Shift + Zoom view incrementaly
    Shift - Contract view incrementaly
    If you have view controls on your joystick, use it for panning view around.
    Default keys mapping for view panning isn't simple:
    So, if you have the joystick, I recomend you to redefine your view control to the simple arrow keys:
    up, down, right , left.

    In 3D cockpit you can display basic gauges by
    About authors:
    Milan Lisner - 3D model,  textures, flight dynamics, 2D panel, documentation.
    Abacus - for Aircraft Factory 99, Aircraft Animator and Flight Dynamics Editor
    Alex "Backfire" Bashkatov - for SU-27 gauges
    JASC - for Paint Shop Pro
    Microsoft - for Flight Simulator and Windows
    This package may be freely copied and distributed under the following conditions:
    • Selling or putting this package or part of it on CD-Rom is not allowed without the written permission of the author.
    • Redistributing this archive with any files added, removed or modified is prohibited. 
    • Redistribution with modified textures ( repaints ) is not allowed without the written permission of the author.
    • Using files from this archive in another aircraft is not allowed without the written permission of the author.
    Contact: Milan Lisner
    • Book about Aero L29 Delfin from TRIADA edition.
    • Aviation + Cosmonautics magazine
    • Real plane reconnaissance at airshows
    • Model kit of L29 by KOPRO
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    CVA DesignCVA Design is a group of people from the Czech Republic who make Czech/Slovak airplanes, panels and sceneries for Flight Simulator.We try to make our works as real as posible. In the futurewe want to make most of the significant airplanes which were flying or fly in Czech/Slovak Republic and also make more detailed scenery.

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    © Milan Lisner 2001