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Aero L-29 Delfin 
for MS FS98/2000 - Development shots
Aircraft design: Milan Lisner Aero Vodochody,
Manufacturer of real plane
October 2, 2001
Initially i had a plan to release my L29 as FS98 simplified version, with updated textures for FS2000, and sometimes in the future release its improved FS2000 version.But when I created 16bit 512x512 textures, I decided to improve the current version for FS2000 right now ( 3D cockpit with pilot, 3D jet intakes and nozzle, gear bays, etc. ).
Therefore will be the release a little bit delayed, but not too long ( I hope ), because I have already prepared things like 2D panel, flight dynamics and documentation.
What do you think about these shots? Do you like them? Or have any coments or suggestions?

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September 18, 2001
News in this version: new textures for FS2000 with higher resolution, new undercarriage details
March 2001
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