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Aero L-159 ALCA 
for MS 2000 - Development shots
Aero Vodochody,
Manufacturer of real plane
Aircraft design: Milan Lisner
Screenshots from FS2000, September 17, 2001

These shots looks like finished plane, but this is an external 3D model only 
( it's actually reworked model from my previous L39 ). 
It hasn't detailed 3D cockpit, 2D panel or corerct flight dynamics. So it will take still some time, when it will be finished ...
What do you think about these shots? Do you like them? 

Do you have any coments or suggestions?
Which part of new ( or even old ) model do you expect or appreciate most?
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Would like to fly 3D model with some default FS panel and basic fligth dynamics sooner, or rather will wait for better version with 2D panel and more authentic flight dynamics?
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