Avia B-534 IV. series
Czechoslovak Air Force, 1936
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For MS Flight Simulator 2002 - model version 1.0 ( February 2002 )
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About real plane
Technical data
About FS2002 model
About CFS2 model
Tips for flying
Tips for 2D panel
Tips for 3D cockpit
About authors
About real plane:
Avia B-534 is a Czechoslovak biplane fighter. The first prototype flew in 1933. Above 500 planes were delivered to the Czechoslovak Air Force during years 1935 - 1939. In pre-WWII period it was the main Czechoslovak fighter.
The aircraft marked "G1"  was in service at 2nd fighter group in Olomouc  and its camouflage is typical of this era. I used this camouflage for my model.
After German occupation in 1939, all planes were taken by Luftwaffe. These planes were used in Germany as training machines. 
Some Avia Bk-534 were used also for aircraft carrier landing tests. During WWII Avia was also used as the plane for troop/cargo glider towage on eastern front.
In summer 1939 Bulgaria bought 78 planes from Germany.
About 100 planes were used in "Slovak Air Arms", their planes also fought on eastern front against Russia. 
During "Slovak National Uprising" in 1944 the remaining Slovak planes took the opposite side - against Germans. Then one Avia B-534 achieved the last confirmed shoot down by a biplane fighter in WWII - it's victim was Hungarian Ju52.

Avia B-534 was single seat single engine biplane with fixed tail wheel undercarriage. Its structure was all-metal, with partial surfaces covered with fabric. Avia was powered by engine Hispano Suiza HS 12 Ydrs with maximum power 625kW ( 860HP ).
Armament consisted of 4 guns with 7,92mm calibre. Under the lower wing was a place for 6x  10kg bombs or for 4x 20kg bombs.
Main technical data:
Wing Area:
Engine power:
Max. Take-off Weight:
Weight Empty:
Max. Horizontal Speed:
Cruising Speed:
Climb rate:
Climbing to 5000m:
9,40 m
8,10 m
3,15 m
23,26 m2
625kW ( 860HP )
257 l + 90 l
1980 kg
1460 kg
380 km/h
300 km/h
16 m/s
5,3 min
10 600 m
600 km


About FS2002 model:
Avia B-534 for MS Flight Simulator was created in FS design Studio. Model features 7 multiresolution sub-models with different comlexity - this means, that you will see a simplified model at longer distance. 
You can utilize this effects especially when you see more planes at the same time - e.g. during online flying ( you have more FPS - frame rate per second )

Model features animated moving parts: ailerons, elevator, rudder, propeller, rotating wheels and pilot in cockpit.

Detailed 3D virtual cockpit has working gauges and animated pedals, control stick and throttle lever.

2D panel has a background based on real photo and on screenshot of virtual cockpit. Gauges are used from CFS1 and CFS2 models.

About CFS2 model:
Avia B-534 for MS Combat Flight Simulator 2 includes additional features - it's *.dp file ( damage profile ), where is desrcibed weapon's placement and also a behavior after several damages.
When you are selecting your plane, you can choose a variant with six bombs ( 6x10kg ).
Especially in CFS2 you will utilize 7 multiresolution sub-models - not only in online flying, but also in mission with more planes at one time.
Tips for flying in Flight Simulator: 
Flight model for Avia B-534 is based on A6M2 Zero from CFS2. Avia hasn't high maximum speed ( 380km/h ), but due to its sufficient wing area it has good manoeuvreability. 
Be careful during start, you will probably need to correct your direction using rudder.
Because this plane has powerful engine ( comparing to its weight ), you can perform some aerobatics.
In FS2002 you can then turn on an airshow smoke ( by key "I" ) 
Would you like to modify the flight dynamics?
Basic characteristics you can modify in the file "aircraft.cfg" ( you can open it e.g. in Windows Notepad )
Advanced modifying you can do in *.air file. You can use 2 utilities, which are for free: 

FDE .... Flight Dynamics Editor by ABACUS
AirEd ...Flight Dynamics Editor by W.M.Roth

Tips for 2D panel:
2D panel includes:

Shift+1 ... Main panel
Shift+2 ... Throttle control

Recomended ZOOM for 2D panel view: 
For more real view through 2D panel I recomend you to set your view  ZOOM to 0.5, then you will have wider field of view.
You can do it in menu Views > View Options ...
or by keys: 1x BACKSPACE and 1x -
Would you like to modify the 2D panel ?
If you want to use different gauges in the 2D panel, you can do it quite easily. There exists a nice program CfgEdit , where you can simply edit 2D panels. This program si for free.
You will find it here: www.cfgedit.com


Main panel
Simplified 2D is now included in FS2002 as default.
Enable it by "W" key.
Tips for 3D virtual cockpit:
If you want to switch to the virtual cockpit, use key S, and Shift+S to get back again. In the 3D cockpit you can pan around, and zoom your view  with keys + / - / BACKSPACE
+ Zoom view 2x
- Zoom view 0.5x
Shift + Zoom view incrementaly
Shift - Contract view incrementaly
If you have view controls on your joystick, use it for panning view around. If you don´t have it, I recomend you to redefine your view control to the simple arrow keys:
up, down, right , left.
For quick view right / left / sideways use keys:
1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9,  or their combination with key 5
7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3

In FS2002 is one news  - you can move your eyepoint, similarly like you move your head forward / back, right / left, up / down:
SHIFT+Enter Move eyepoint up
SHIFT+Backspace Move eyepoint down
CTRL+Enter Move eyepoint back
CTRL+Backspace Move eyepoint forward
SHIFT+CTRL+Enter Move eyepoint right
SHIFT+CTRL+Enter Move eyepoint left


About authors:
CVA DesignMilan Lisner - 3D model and cockpit,  textures, flight dynamics, 2D panel design
E-mail: mlk@volny.cz
WWW: www.mlk-airbase.wz.cz
Louis Sinclair & Abacus - for FS Design Studio
Joe Amodea - for multi-resolution tutorial
Konstantin Kukushkin & Abacus - for Aircraft Animator
Mike Crosthwaite - for SDL Editor
JASC - for Paint Shop Pro
What's not allowed ( ... I'd rather you didn't do it  ):
  • Selling or putting this package or part of it on CD-Rom is not allowed

  • without the written permission of the author.
  • Selling or putting this package or part of it on internet is not allowed

  • without the written permission of the author.
  • Redistributing this archive with any files added or modified 

  • without any reference to the original author
  • Using files from this archive in another aircraft

  • without any reference to the original author.
What you can do:
  • For your own home using you can do with this model whatever you can :-)
  • If you want to publish this model with your modification ( e.g. new textures, new flight dynamics, new panel, etc. ), so if this will be for free, you can do it.

  • Just remember to keep the original documentation with references to original author.
    Into file Readme.txt you can add a description of your modifications and contact to you.
    I'll be pleased, if you let me know this to my e-mail.
  • If you want to publish this model on your www pages, don't forget to mention the original author, e.g. by e-mail or link to my www page. And again, if you let me know this to my e-mail, I'll be pleased
Contact: Milan Lisner
E-mail: mlk@volny.cz
WWW: www.mlk-airbase.wz.cz
  • Avia B-534, author Jiri Vrany, MBI Publishing, 1994
  • Book Czechoslovak aircraft II., author Vaclav Nemecek, 1984
  • ABC Magazine, monograph Avia B-534, J. Velc, V. Sorel
  • Modelar Magazine
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