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Avia B-534 
for MS FS2000/CFS2 - Development shots
Aircraft design: Milan Lisner
Screenshots from FS2000, September 2001


This model will be for MS CFS2/FS2000. It's almost finished now ( 3D model and textures ), I have also prepared multi-resolution models for CFS2.
I want still create some details in the 3D cockpit, documentation and prepare the installation package.
Screenshots from FSDS, August 2001
Screenshots from FS2000, July 2001
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Something about Avia B-534
Avia B534 is a Czechoslovak biplane fighter. It has quite interesting history
it was e.g.:
  • Main Czechoslovak fighter before WWII
  • Luftwaffe trainer after German ocupation
  • Aircraft carrier trials on the German "Graf Zeppelin"
  • Slovak fighter over east front against Russian
  • Slovak fighter during Slovak insurrection against German
  • Last confirmed shoot down by a biplane during WWII ( Hungarian Ju 52 )
If you want to read something more about this plane: Another interesting color schemes:

Author of these pictures is Jerry Boucher. Here you can look, how you can create these nice pictures.

This plane has also special relation for me personally - Avia company is in Prague, where I live. 
And Avia B534 was my first plastic kit I built and fully coloured :-)
( oh yes, it's long time ago, more than 20 years ... :-)

This plastic kit is still in the production:

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